Thank you for your participation in and positive feedback to our 4th Ophthalmic Fiction Symposium

For those who could not attend, the lectures can be viewed after registering under the following link

Chair: Carlos Belmonte, Spain


Endre A. Balazs Medal Award to Anthony J. Bron

  • Endre A. Balazs lecture
    A Fresh Look at Tear Film Structure and Dynamics
    Anthony J. Bron, UK
  • Contribution of Nerve Injury and Inflammation to Pain in Eye Surface Disorders
    Carlos Belmonte, Spain
  • Coping Mechanisms of the Ocular Surface to Desiccation Challenges
    Gysbert van Setten, Sweden
  • What the Environmental Stress Animal Model Can Teach us about the Preventive and
    Therapeutic Efficacy of Eye Drops
    Takashi Kojima, Japan
  • Corneal Nerve Function Impairment in Ocular Surface Diseases
    Illés Kovásc, Hungary
  • Compromised Epithelial Barrier Function – a Key Factor in all Forms of Ocular Surface Disorders
    Murat Dogru, Japan
  • Very High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid in the Management
    of Dry Eye Disease – More than just a Tear Substitute?
    Jutta Horwath-Winter, Austria
  • A Physicist’s Ideas about the Ocular Surface
    Wolfgang G.K. Müller-Lierheim, Germany